Central IL



Value-added LED, fluorescent and plasma fixtures and retrofit solutions for interior and exterior applications.

Avid Labs

A lamp and fixture design company.

B-K Lighting

Architectural landscape lighting & custom lighting solutions.

Bock Lighting

RLM, commercial, vaportights, decorative glass fixtures.

Cast Lighting

Low Voltage LED Lighting Systems For Landscapes & Perimeters.


"Made in the USA", specification grade and retrofit lighting products.

Philips Color Kinetics

Architectural & entertainment lighting systems.

Philips Gardco

Outdoor architectural & performance lighting.

Philips Hadco

Outdoor urban, residential & landscape lighting.

Philips Lumec

Outdoor Urban, Roadway & Tunnel Lighting

Philips Stonco

Outdoor general purpose lighting.


Elegant & sustainable indoor & outdoor luminaires

TMS Lighting

Architectural Interior & Exterior Lighting. Wall Sconces/Pendants.